How Good is Japan

I have lived in Japan about 25 years and one year in overseas.
I realized a lot of things about how Japan is good and bad.
I love my country but sometimes I have many things I don’t like.
I went to about 15 countries so far. And I thought about differences between Japan and other countries.
It’s  all in my opinion. I’ll tell you what I feel in Japan.
Today is only some good points
: Food is great.
It’s well known. We have many awesome foods in Japan.
ex. Sushi, Sashimi, Tempra, Ramen, Sukiyaki, and so many things…haha I’ll tell you about food someday^^
: Safety
Japan is so safe country in the world. If we forget something in the restaurant or street, you will find them usually.
: Japanese culture
It’s original and so many unique culture in Japan.
Many things import from other countries. like Kanji which is Chinese character we use that too.
But moreover we have special things in Japan.
ex. Temple, Shrine, Street, building, traditional toys
Still I think so many things but today, that’s it hahahhahaa
Matane !^^



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