Day-off in Japan

My job is shift time job. So my off is different from others.
I have to work weekends as well.
It’s ok about that, if I can get off other days.
But I can get off 7~8 days a months. It’s ok but I have to work public holiday.
So definitely less than others.
But why continue my job?
Because I like my job, many times I feel I don’t like but when I can do what I want.
It’s so fun.
I like meeting people so when I meet foregners in my job.
That is most fun point.
My salaly is not enough but ok less holiday it’s ok as long as I can communicate foregners haha
My company actually is not going well.
So I have to find another job just in case..haha
It is not funny thou.
I really work overseas if in Japan, I wanna work with many countries people.
I’m still looking for a job.
Hope I can find something good.
Pray for me!!!
Any infomation, plz contact me haha



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